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Detsky Fotbalovy Dres You’ll be hard pushed to find an incident that splits

Detsky Fotbalovy Dres You’ll be hard pushed to find an incident that splits opinion this season more than Sadio Mane’s challenge on Ederson in Manchester City’s 5-0 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday.The Senegalese star collided with the goalkeeper in the first half, catching him in the side of the face with a high foot as he attempted to reach the ball, and received a red card from referee Jon Moss.Phil Neville thought Moss made the correct decision; his brother, Gary, told Sky Sports that the referee had ruined the game.

„I don’t think that is a red card,“ Neville said. “[Mane’s] eyes are on the ball, it’s ridiculous. He wins that challenge, the goal is there for him.”The fact that Ederson was taken off on a stretcher and is now likely to miss a game adds weight to the idea that Moss was right to send Mane off.Shearer and Lineker discussed it on MOTDThe incident was the biggest talking point on Match of the Day and it was quite unfortunate that viewers couldn’t get the opinion from a defender’s point of view.Instead, the three who discussed it – Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, all former strikers – agreed that Mane was right to go for the ball, with Shearer leading the argument.“The law says that if it endangers a player’s safety, therefore it’s the correct decision,” Shearer said.“Personally, I would want and expect my player to go for that ball, all day long.“I prefer to see red cards for intent and deliberate violent conduct. But that’s where we are now.“Accident or not, it’s a red card. It’s just unlucky.“Wrighty, I’m pretty sure you’d go for that ball. Gary, I’m pretty sure you’d go for that ball and I know I would go for that ball.

„Thankfully there’s no broken bones, it’s just a cut and he is ok.“Shearer and Lineker received criticismSo Shearer believes Moss was right to show Mane a red card, but has sympathy for the player for going for the ball.And it was that claim that attracted some criticism on social media.Journalist Philippe Auclair, who has since deleted his tweet, labelled Shearer’s comments as “nonsense”, which prompted a sharp response from the Newcastle United legend.“Let me help you,” Shearer wrote. “Maybe if you can’t listen you can read. Here it is in writing. I said it was a red twice.“Lineker also responded to criticismShearer’s colleague, Lineker, also joined in replying to those who disagreed with their opinion on Twitter.The Times’ Sean O’Neill wrote to Shearer: “Don’t think any if you emphasised how dangerous Mane’s play was. Means I’m gonna have to get up at 7.30 to tell my lad – was relying on u 3”.And Lineker decided to weigh in.“No it really wasn’t,” he replied. “Just an innocent collision. Your lad will be fine.”Earlier in the day, Lineker earlier said that Ederson had been as “equally reckless” as Mane by choosing to run out.“Keeper was equally reckless,” he added. “Any striker would’ve done same and try and flick the ball.“Both players running at each other at high speed. He’s just trying to flick the ball like any striker would.”They do say that it’s a game of opinions.What’s dres arsenal s vlastním jménem your opinion, did Mane deserve to be sent off? Let us know in the comments section below!

detske fotbalove dresy Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time at Manchester United

detske fotbalove dresy Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time at Manchester United is almost certainly up, but there’s still hope that his career isn’t over.A double rupture to the cruciate knee ligament would be enough to finish off most 35-year-old’s, but the striker didn’t even need a stretcher to leave the field after suffering the injury against Anderlecht.No football fan will want to see the legendary forward end his playing days on such a disappointing note.

All the indications were that Zlatan had more to give after scoring 28 goals in all competitions this season.There was a sense of unfinished business at Old Trafford. For a man who has won 13 titles with Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, and PSG, he’ll want more than an EFL Cup to show for his time in England.Had he signed a new contract with the Red Devils when he had the chance, maybe we’d have seen him in a United shirt again next season.As it is, the Swede is expected to move on. The debate rages on about whether United are actually a better team collectively when he doesn’t play, as evidenced by their recent 2-0 win over Chelsea.Yet, plenty of sides would be honoured to have him spearheading their side, and if he can complete his recovery, he should be able to find a new club quickly.Zlatan is literally unbelievableFortunately, the latest report from Swedish paper Expressen, brought to our attention by 101GreatGoals, suggests he will be able to play again.

The doctors treating Ibra have basically confirmed that he’s an absolute machine. Medical professionals have apparently been shocked by how strong his knees are, to the extent where they would like to conduct research on him.Bar his current injury, there is almost no damage, which is said to be almost impossible for a footballer who has been playing at the top level for almost 20 years.Things are going rather well for Zlatan off the pitch. With an estimated wealth of £110m, he’s surpassed Wayne Rooney in the Sunday Times‘ rich list as the country’s richest footballer, behind only Lewis Hamilton in sport more generally.Undoubtedly, though, his main focus will be returning to action as soon as possible. This was his latest update on social media following his surgery:If even the dětský fotbalový dres juventus doctors don’t think he’s human, there’s every chance he’ll be back on the pitch before too long.

Levné Dětské Fotbalové Dresy Chelsea a Arsenal si včera večer rezervovaly

Levné Dětské Fotbalové Dresy Chelsea a Arsenal si včera večer rezervovaly místa ve finále Evropské ligy poté, co porazily Eintracht Frankfurt a Valencii. Obě strany z Londýna se setkají v Baku 29. května, přičemž vítěz získá kvalifikaci do příští sezóny Ligy mistrů. Pro Chelsea mají Už to zpečetil tím, že získal první čtyři místo v Premier League, takže je na Arsenalu, aby vyhrál.

Pokud jde o finále Ligy mistrů 1. června, v něm se představí dva týmy z nejlepších letů v Anglii v Liverpoolu a Tottenhamu. Je neuvěřitelně vzácné vidět, že všichni čtyři finalisté pocházejí ze stejného národa, což je tak vzácné, že se to nikdy nestalo. v historii evropského fotbalu. Taktická analýza Liverpoolu 4: 0 Barcelona Fanouškovské záběry Lucasova vítěze v Ajaxu Liverpool vytvořily plány přehlídky CL a PL Španělsko, Itálie a Německo v průběhu let dominovaly evropské fotbalové scéně, ale nikdy neměli všechny čtyři finalisty ve stejném roce. V sezónách 2013/14 a 2015/16 mělo Španělsko ve dvou finále tři zástupce. Real Madrid a Atletico Madrid bojovaly v obou finále Ligy mistrů a Los Blancos vyšlo na pokaždé nahoře. A v Evropské lize vyhrála Sevilla oba,porazili ve finále Benficu a Liverpool – pod současným manažerem Arsenalu Unaiem Emerym vlastně vyhráli tři v řadě.

Španělsko je v posledních letech dominantní silou v Evropě, přičemž Bayern Mnichov v roce 2013 je posledním týmem, který nepochází z národa a který vyhrál Ligu mistrů. V Evropské lize získaly španělské týmy pět z posledních sedmi titulů, přičemž Chelsea (2013) ) a Manchester United (2017) jsou jediní, kdo lámou plíseň. Nicméně po letech nadvlády to vypadá, že Anglie může být nastavena na další vládu jako síla evropského fotbalu, dres liverpool s vlastním jménem stejně jako tomu bylo od začátku do poloviny roku 2000.