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Detsky Fotbalovy Dres You’ll be hard pushed to find an incident that splits

Detsky Fotbalovy Dres You’ll be hard pushed to find an incident that splits opinion this season more than Sadio Mane’s challenge on Ederson in Manchester City’s 5-0 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday.The Senegalese star collided with the goalkeeper in the first half, catching him in the side of the face with a high foot as he attempted to reach the ball, and received a red card from referee Jon Moss.Phil Neville thought Moss made the correct decision; his brother, Gary, told Sky Sports that the referee had ruined the game.

„I don’t think that is a red card,“ Neville said. “[Mane’s] eyes are on the ball, it’s ridiculous. He wins that challenge, the goal is there for him.”The fact that Ederson was taken off on a stretcher and is now likely to miss a game adds weight to the idea that Moss was right to send Mane off.Shearer and Lineker discussed it on MOTDThe incident was the biggest talking point on Match of the Day and it was quite unfortunate that viewers couldn’t get the opinion from a defender’s point of view.Instead, the three who discussed it – Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, all former strikers – agreed that Mane was right to go for the ball, with Shearer leading the argument.“The law says that if it endangers a player’s safety, therefore it’s the correct decision,” Shearer said.“Personally, I would want and expect my player to go for that ball, all day long.“I prefer to see red cards for intent and deliberate violent conduct. But that’s where we are now.“Accident or not, it’s a red card. It’s just unlucky.“Wrighty, I’m pretty sure you’d go for that ball. Gary, I’m pretty sure you’d go for that ball and I know I would go for that ball.

„Thankfully there’s no broken bones, it’s just a cut and he is ok.“Shearer and Lineker received criticismSo Shearer believes Moss was right to show Mane a red card, but has sympathy for the player for going for the ball.And it was that claim that attracted some criticism on social media.Journalist Philippe Auclair, who has since deleted his tweet, labelled Shearer’s comments as “nonsense”, which prompted a sharp response from the Newcastle United legend.“Let me help you,” Shearer wrote. “Maybe if you can’t listen you can read. Here it is in writing. I said it was a red twice.“Lineker also responded to criticismShearer’s colleague, Lineker, also joined in replying to those who disagreed with their opinion on Twitter.The Times’ Sean O’Neill wrote to Shearer: “Don’t think any if you emphasised how dangerous Mane’s play was. Means I’m gonna have to get up at 7.30 to tell my lad – was relying on u 3”.And Lineker decided to weigh in.“No it really wasn’t,” he replied. “Just an innocent collision. Your lad will be fine.”Earlier in the day, Lineker earlier said that Ederson had been as “equally reckless” as Mane by choosing to run out.“Keeper was equally reckless,” he added. “Any striker would’ve done same and try and flick the ball.“Both players running at each other at high speed. He’s just trying to flick the ball like any striker would.”They do say that it’s a game of opinions.What’s dres arsenal s vlastním jménem your opinion, did Mane deserve to be sent off? Let us know in the comments section below!

Phil Jones se v sobotu prohlásil Dětské Fotbalové Dresy

Phil Jones se v sobotu prohlásil Dětské Fotbalové Dresy za vhodný pro zápas Premier League v Manchesteru United s Bournemouthem.

Jones nehrál od té doby, co se odhodlal během United United 1. února bezmotorové remízy s Hull, což přerušilo povzbudivé několik měsíců pro 24-letého.

Během prvních tří měsíců kampaně se středoevropské hry nehrály, ale osvědčily se během vítězného běhu devíti her Spojených států v lednu a únoru spolu s Marcosem Rojem.

Rojo zopakoval po svém finálovém vystoupení EFL Cupu s chybou, dres arsenal s vlastním jménem že si přeje hrát ve středu a Jonesův návrat zintenzivní soutěž o současný pár Eric Bailly a Chris Smalling.

„Posledních pár dní trénuji a těším se, až se vrátím,“ řekl Jones MUTV.

„Myslím, že jsem byl venku tři týdny [je to přes čtyři týdny], takže i když jsem trénoval dva dny před [EFL Cup] hrou, kterou jsem udělal, nečekal jsem, že se do toho zapojím.“