fotbalové dresy s potiskem With the groups for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

fotbalové dresy s potiskem With the groups for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia now sorted, it’s time for football fans to get very excited about what next summer holds.Friday’s draw in Moscow set the tempo as Gary Lineker hosted the event alongside a host of legends, such as Diego Maradona, Carles Puyol and Diego Forlan.Despite Lineker’s fears that he would mess up, the draw went relatively smoothly and there were even a few funny moments for fans to enjoy on social media.

Maradona’s bright yellow bow tie was particularly eye-catching, as was Gordan Banks‘ personalised Stoke City tie, which Peter Crouch even noticed.He tweeted: „Gordon Banks wearing a @stokecity tie for the World Cup draw! ? Hero, decent draw as well.“Maradona inevitably took centre stage during the draw, with fans noticing something rather bizarre about the Argentina legend.As you can see in the picture below, Maradona was wearing not one, but two watches as he picked out teams for the draw.

Strange. The 57-year-old was all blinged out for the event with his yellow bow tie and diamond earrings, but two watches seemed a bit unnecessary.However, according to the Mirror, there’s a good reason why Maradona had a watch on each wrist for the World Cup draw.They claim Maradona always wears two watches when he travels: one to tell the time in the city he’s in and one to tell the time in Argentina.

The draw started at 3pm UK time, so Maradona’s city watch would have read 6pm Russia (Moscow) time and 12pm Argentina time on his home watch.Each to their own. A lot of football fans dres ronaldo juventus were wondering why Maradona had two watches, so the Mirror’s explanation will undoubtedly answer a lot of questions.

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